Featured Floorplan: The Dakota

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Oct 29, 2014 10:27:00 AM



The Dakota, one of our popular mid-range Two Storey designs, is pictured here in our community of BlackWolf. Front-facing double garage, front verandah and beautiful front facade make this home a standout in any community. The mix of taupe shingles, horizontal and vertical siding, and natural stone work together to create a stunning curb appeal and warm welcoming presence in the neighbourhood.


On entry into the home you are greeted with warm durable vinyl flooring, mirrored glass closet doors, and enough room to hang coats, hats and umbrellas as well as space to place a small bench or seat. The vinyl flooring leads you towards the main area of the home, and connects with the main floor half bath, as well as the entrance to the connected double garage.


The large kitchen has tons of counter and cupboard space for your cooking needs. The large central island provides enough room for food prep and storage, with enough space for three people to enjoy meals at. With built in outlets, this island serves multiple purposes and can double as a place to sit with a laptop and get some work done.


The corner pantry adds more storage space, and paired with two walls of cabinets, is more then adequate. The light cabinets and appliances contrast well with the rich backsplash and dark counter tops. The oven, sink, stovetop and dishwasher create an ideal working triangle within the space, making meal prep easier then ever.


The dining nook is large a bright due to ideally placed lighting fixtures and the huge double doors leading out onto the rear deck. The floorplan encourages entertaining and togetherness with all main floor areas being open to each other. 


Also on the main floor is this stunning Great Room. Your Dakota can be designed to accommodate a fireplace and built-in cabinetry. The brick focal wall in this particular home is the anchor in this industrial styled home, and adds much needed warmth, like the backsplash in the kitchen and the flooring throughout, amid a lot of iron black details.


Heading up the stairs, located off the main entrance & kitchen areas, you'll notice extra windows added in the design to accommodate for lower lighting in the stairwell. On the second storey is the master retreat, as well as anther bathroom and two more bedrooms. The master retreat featured a large bedroom with large focal window, a walk-in closet and en-suite. 


The en-suite of the master bedroom mirrors the same cabinets and counter top used in the kitchen, creating a cohesive look throughout the home. Warm textured flooring is used again to balance the cleaner and cooler elements of the counters, fixtures and metal accessories. 

Home Features:

  • Energy Efficient Furnace
  • Large Kitchen Island
  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Kohler Faucets
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Walk In Closets in Master
  • Master En-Suite
  • Double Attached Garage
  • Optional Fireplace
  • Optional Rear Deck
  • Front covered verandah
  • Front & Garage Entry
  • Main Floor Half Bath
  • Large Windows

The Bayview Floorplan:



Dakota Models for Sale from Avonlea:

BlackWolf: 50 BlackWolf Bay North $327,900
BlackWolf: 248 BlackWolf Way North $349,900
Legacy RIdge: 927 Maydell Palmer Vista $314,900
SunRidge Landing: 358 Mt. Sundance Landing $314,900
SunRidge Landing: 390 Mt. Sundance Landing $314,900
SunRidge Landing: 422 Mt. Sundance Landing $319,900
Country Meadows: 149 Crocus Terrace West (Offer Made!) $299,900




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W is Weather: Your Builder V.S. The Lethbridge Climate

Posted by Jen McCarthy on Oct 9, 2014 8:00:00 AM


You just made one of the biggest decisions of your life!

You have decided to build a brand new dream home!  The papers are signed, conditions are removed, and your builder has just gone in for a building permit. Before you know it you will be sitting in front of your cozy warm fireplace sipping a morning coffee. From your Builders point of view it isn’t quite that easy:

Snow, Rain & Freezing Temperatures:

Dreaded words to almost any contractor, because ultimately it means time is lost on a project.  What isn’t always widely known is why time is lost due to weather conditions.  

Living and building homes in Lethbridge presents a number of challenges because of our drastic temperature fluctuations.  In the last year, 2013 and this year 2014 we have seen some interesting weather patterns, leaving trade partners literally off of the jobsite.    So what exactly are some of the delays that are encountered on a project due to weather?  Below outlines how weather can impact a build.



Humidity: rain, snow and moisture in the airSUN

  1. Excavation and Backfill:  Large amounts of precipitation can make the ground too wet to dig or get heavy machinery onto a lot.  The back hoes and gravel trucks can easily get stuck in the mud, causing more time lost trying to get out when it is dry enough. Not to mention will destroy the grade and the lot itself in doing so.
  2. Pouring foundations, footings and concrete:  Excess moisture will cause soil instability and ultimately affect the overall structure of the home if footings and foundations are poured when it is too wet.
  3. Framing/Roofing: Exterior work can be held up due to safety issues. Lumber and materials become slippery and a hazard for framers and roofers to work. The extra moisture can also lead to an increased chance of electrocution from onsite power sources.
  4. Dry wall and Paint Drying:  There is no standard set time it takes for drywall mud to dry. It is dry, when it is dry.  Humidity in the air makes for longer drying times in drywall mud and paint. This isn’t necessarily a few hours, but it can be days.

Freezing/Thawing: in the winter monthsCLOUD

  1. Frost: Frost in the soil can cause major issues for not only digging basements, but can also cause frost heave in foundations if concrete is poured on frost.  The freeze/thaw cycle with our chinook winds can drive frost deeper into the ground. At some points in the winter in Lethbridge the frost penetrates too deep to dig basements.   At which point there are times when the soil needs to be monitored and excavators have to wait for warmer weather to cycle in, to dig and to pour foundations.
  2. Concrete: A temperature of +7 degrees C must be maintained in order to pour concrete. In colder temperatures, contractors can tarp and heat the area, however freezing overnight temperatures will often prevent this from being an option. If the concrete cannot be kept at that temperature, the moisture in the mixture will freeze, and will prevent it from reaching the design strength or MPA.  This can cause structural problems, flaking and many other issues.WIND
  3. Vinyl Siding: Freezing temperatures can cause vinyl siding to crack when installed. Not to mentions temperatures that are too cold are not safe for people to work in.


Lethbridge is the land of chinooks and wind.  We all know what this powerful force can do.  All sheeting, drywall, large windows, and roof trusses can become kites, and make it extremely unsafe for those working outside and around the jobsite in overly windy conditions.


Putting it all Together:

These elements can in fact add significant time onto a build, depending on what stage the homes is at.  Closing up the building envelope is a key stage and getting there can be a struggle for Builders and Trade Partners.   Three days of rain, can ultimately mean a loss of one week. Then we usually see the strong winds that helps to dry everything out, but prevents many other steps from happening. 

As we find ourselves leading into the colder months of the building year, these are all factors to keep in mind on your journey to build your new home.  Communicating with your Builder Representative about weather delays and the building schedule, will be a great benefit if there are any questions that may arise. 

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Chuck Gulyas Monthly Lethbridge Real Estate Update for October

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Oct 7, 2014 1:40:30 PM


The Housing Market for the Month of September:

This September was a carbon copy of 2013 in single family home sales, again with 90 sales for the month and taking an average of 74 days to sell. There were however 24% fewer new  listings for the month which is quite a remarkable decline in this segment month over month.

The average price of a single family home in Lethbridge is up 4% over last year to $304,405. Total overall sales (including condos, semi-detached homes, land etc.) were up just 1% over September of last year, bringing the total sales in Lethbridge “year to date” up 5% so far compared to 2013.

Our city and it’s communities continue to expand strongly with both residential and commercial developments in all areas within the city limits and beyond. Hoping for some nice weather because it's full steam ahead until the Christmas break!

Selling your home doesn't have to be overwhelming.

When some people think about selling their home, they imagine all the things they will have to do: paint the kitchen, clean closets, prepare for viewings, find another home, arrange financing, start packing, etc. It can all seem very overwhelming very quickly. 

In fact, the long to-do list you imagine you’ll have to deal with may dissuade you from making a move! It doesn't have to be that way. 

There are many ways to make selling your home and buying another relatively simple and easy.

Sure, there will be some work to do. You may need to prepare your property so that it looks appealing to potential buyers – cleaning, decluttering, doing some repairs, etc. Of course, you will also need to view some properties for sale in order to find your next dream home. 

But those activities may not be as time-consuming or difficult as you had imagined. In fact, you and your family might actually enjoy the experience – and see it as an adventure. 

The trick is to work with the right REALTOR®, someone who can guide you through the process, show you the shortcuts, and generally make things easier for you. 

It's a little like baking your first cake from scratch. The task seems daunting, unless you have a master baker by your side to guide you step-by-step through the process. Then it's a lot easier, and even fun! 

That's what a good REALTOR® can do for you. Looking for one? Call Chuck Gulyas today.


"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." - John Wayne.


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New Stunning Coulee Lots Available in Legacy Ridge

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Oct 2, 2014 8:00:00 AM



Experience the Views and Quiet Atmosphere of Legacy Ridge

Avonlea Homes has tw beautiful coulee lots up for grabs in Legacy Ridge! No where else in the city can you currently live RIGHT on the coulees! The views are OUTSTANDING (See the view from the master bedroom & walk-out lower level of our Braxton II Show Home directly next door:


Imagine coming home after work and sitting out on your deck with this view? Or passing through your private gate in the back fence to be right out in the coulees? Not only can you enjoy a secluded view and quiet atmosphere, but you can also remain close to all the amenities North Lethbridge has to offer:


Maybe you'll take your dog over to the nextdoor Peenaquim Dog Run, or play your next baseball match in the nearby Softball Valley? You're even close enough to the shooting range, in case that fits your interests better.

With the new Scenic Drive Extension, it's even easier to get quickly downtown or to the west side from Legacy Ridge, and the community is only down the road from grocery stores, services, restaurants and more shopping.


Legacy Ridge is also home to the Alexander Wilderness Park and Pavan Parkwhich are located just north of the community. with the entrance to Alexander Wilderness Park literally on your street.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Visit our Show Home in Legacy Ridge, The Braxton II, to experience the area and these amazing views for yourself! We're open Monday to Thursday from 3-7pm and Weekends from 1-5pm at 922 Maydell Palmer Vista North


Current Homes & Lots:

Click the map above to view a larger version of the current lots & homes we have available in Legacy Ridge. We'll have even more coulee lots and even some beautiful Yorkton Townhomes (Award Winning models from BlackWolf) available in 2015.

View the current homes we have available in Legacy Ridge right now, and click each listing for more information:







Contact Avonlea Today Before These Homes are GONE!


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Winterizing Is Coming: Prepare Your Home Before the Snow Flies

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Sep 29, 2014 4:30:25 PM


In the coming weeks we'll all have to face that, yes, Winter is Coming --- and so should the Winterizing of your Home. There's nothing we can do to stop it, so we might as well prepare for the long season ahead. If you follow these tips, which might take you a few weekends to get through, you'll save a lot of time money and headaches further down the road.


1. Roof and Gutter Protection


After most of the leaves have fallen, clean out your gutters before the weather gets too cold! After cleaning them out thoroughly, flush with water to loosen any buildup within downspouts. Consider installing gutter guards at this time. Aluminum gutter guards will prevent leaves and debris from clogging your eavestroughs, and are especially useful on two-storey homes, and for older residents who are not comfortable climbing on ladders to clean gutters out.

Consider installing roof de-icing cables that prevent water and ice damage due to snow melting and re-freezing throughout the winter --- a useful product in a climate with constant chinook winds that occur throughout our long winter season.

Use this opportunity to checkover your roof for loose or missing shingles. Now is the time to do these small repairs, rather then in the middle of winter when you realze you have a leak.  


2. Foundation and Driveway Repair


Concrete driveways are quite durable, but they do deteriorate and develop cracks over time. Cracks are due to many things: tree roots, ground movement, as well as our natural freezing and thawing cycles winter and expansion in the summer. 

Rather then replaceing entire slabs, (expensive and a lot more work), you may be able to repair and resurface your existing slabs. Fall is the ideal time to mend foundation cracks and coat your driveway with a protective seal. Make sure to clean concrete thoroughly prior filling cracks with concrete mix. After smoothing out, and then leaving to dry overnight, you can spread a resurfacer out. This entire process can be completed easily within a weekend.


3. Exterior Paint & Sealing Windows


Check your exterior paint each and every fall season. Since weather is most harsh during the winter months, you'll want to make sure none of your paint is peeling away -- a sign that the paint film is no longer protecting the siding of your home. Fixing this now will prevent more costly repairs down the road.

A great investment in any home is to replace old doors and windows to more energy-efficient ones. This will save you money on your energy bills every month. If you cannot afford to replace your doors or windows, weather-seal old windows and doors before the cold weather comes knockin'. Air leaks from windows and doors can be found by moving your hand around the frame. Applying weather stripping and caulk to these areas will help cut down on drafts.


4. Winterize your Yard & Gardens


Empty your flower pots and window boxes and pull up any last annuals in your flower beds that are close to the end of their lives. This is the best time to also plant fall bulbs that will come up next spring! You can also check your local gardening store and pick up bushes and trees for 50% off or more and you can plant those along with your fall bulbs. 

Clear leaves from the lawn and reseed patchy areas or parts that your dog might have destroyed throughout the summer months. If you have a deer problem, start deer-proofing by covering plants with netting and chicken wire. 

After your yard work is complete, and you've used your mower one last time, it's time to gather up all your summer garden tools, clean them off, and store them in either your garage or garden shed

Prepare all garden equipment for storage, which would include draining fuel from all gas-operated equipment such as your lawn mower. 

Make sure to also drain garden hoses and store them indoors for the winter. Shut off all outdoor water valves in cold weather to prevent freezing/breaking pipes.

Lastly, you can fertilize your lawn with a high phosphorus mix to ensure healthy grass in the spring.


Winterize your Porch & Deck Areas:


Check all supports, stairs and railings to make sure they can hold up in the winter months when one must rely on them to avoid slipping on snow or ice. This is also an ideal time to apply a coat of sealer to your deck to help protect it against winter weather.

This is also a great time to re-organize your garage, and store all your summer things away like outdoor furniture, cushions, tools, pots, flower boxes and any outdoor ornaments that will not survive the winter weather. This is also the best time to get out winter necessities, such as the snow blower, shovels, salt, de-icer and even your Christmas lights (which can always be put up in warmer weather, and turned on in December).

Remember to empty all pots and flower boxes of all soil and dirt, as in the winter, it can freeze and crack your pots! It's hard to guess when the first blistering snow storm will hit southern Alberta, but it's always good to be prepared with shovels and ice scrapers, then to have to dig through your garage in the middle of a snow storm to find them.


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Featured Floorplan: The Bayview

Posted by Jessica Kachmarski on Sep 24, 2014 11:18:00 AM



The Bayview is one of our brand new showhomes in Blackwolf Phase 3.  It is one of our very popular Bi-level/Split Entry designs that is 2111 sq.ft with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms fully developed.  The Bayview features a double attached garage on the front and plenty more to offer inside.


On entry you are greeted with a very open concept design.  With the kitchen flowing into the nook area as well as the living room.  It is a perfect layout for guests and entertainin. The living room features a beautiful fireplace with an immense amount of natural light.  The kitchen features a large island perfect for cooking, serving on, or as breakfast bar.


The large kitchen has tons of counter and cupboard space for your cooking needs.  The Bayview also features a pantry built into the wall for style. This is a wonderful kitchen for entertaining people or just cooking for yourself!


The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and a large 5 piece ensuite.  It is situated above the main floor all on it's own for supreme privacy. The Ensuite features a walk-in shower as well as a comfortable soaker tub.


The lower level holds two more bedrooms, a large family room and a 3rd bathroom.  This exceptionally built design is perfect for a family or even just a couple that love to entertain!  

Home Features:

  • Energy Efficient Furnace
  • Fully Developed Basement
  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Kohler Faucets
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Kitchen Skylight
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Walk In Closets in Masters
  • Double Attached Garage
  • 5 Piece Ensuite

The Bayview Floorplan:



Bayviews for Sale from Avonlea:

BlackWolf: 15 Blackwolf Bay N $459,900
BlackWolf: 35 Blackwolf Bay N $459,900
BlackWolf: 18 Blackwolf Bay N  (Showhome) $484 900
The Canyons 275 Canyon Estates Way $399 900
Legacy Ridge 667 Marie Van Haarlem $439 900






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The New North Lethbridge Regional Park Update

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Sep 23, 2014 11:25:00 AM


The New North Lethbridge Regional Park, located just across the street from our BlackWolf Community, will certainly be the talk of the town -- but when will the park actually be built?

Update From northregionalpark.com:

There has been tremendous input from the public to help the City of Lethbridge plan for its newest Regional Park. Following the last public open house in August 2013, City Council has approved in principle a final concept plan and so the design development process is ready to begin!

The first step will be to obtain key boundary and stormwater design information from the area directly adjacent the new park. This work , for Phase 3 of the Blackwolf Community, is underway and we expect the park design will start up in a few short months

 Update from avonleahomes.ca:

BlackWolf Phase 3 is WELL underway, with our recent show home grand opening this past week. With our roads, utilities and stormwater ponds all done, park construction should be right around the corner.

In the meantime, there has been a Naming the Park Campaign held back in July 2014. Within the next month or so we should find out the name of the park after city council reviews all submissions.

View the lastest media article “Lethbridge’s North Side Regional Park, Not Just Another City Park" in the online version of the New Homes Buyers Guide

And you can always keep checking our website for updates on your North Regional Park Here.

For more on BlackWolf Phase 3 and available lots next to the park click here.

NEW: Update from Lethbridge Herald: 

Northside park will have something for everyone 


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Move Up to the New North: BlackWolf Phase 3 Has Arrived

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Sep 18, 2014 4:29:49 PM


The whole team at Avonlea Homes has been busy as ever these past few months getting the new phase of BlackWolf ready for the Parade of Homes! Not only do we have two brand new show homes to tour, but our College Home as well! Read on the get a glimpse of these show homes, and the new lots and models available in the latest phase of the BlackWolf Community.


The Bayview

Bi-Level  | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 2120 SQ. FT.

The Bayview Bi Level Home continues to be one of our best-selling models, and is an award-winning floorplan as well! This home truly has it all: A double car garage, walk-out potential, soaring ceilings, skylights, a kitchen island bar, fireplace, lower level family room, stunning entry, and garage access.


Let's also not forget the raised master retreat -- where you can view the whole main floor and entry, also complete with huge walk-in closet, his and her sinks, water closet, shower stall and huge soaker tub! 


View The Bayview on our Website


The Winchester

Two-Storey  | 3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1673 SQ. FT.

The Winchester is a wonderful mid-level two storey home with the benefit of a bonus room situated over the garage, giving that much needed extra space for families to spread out around the house! Also featuring a front-facing double garage, fireplace in the living room, skylights and an eat-in kitchen bar, the Winchester packs a lot into a smaller lot, with a very smart use of space and design. 


The home might seem smaller than the Bayview, but that's because the basement is left undeveloped -- another whole floor of extra space, that when finished can accommodate a fourth bedroom and bathroom, and a huge family room! This is an ideal home for families that plan on expanding along with their home. 


The Master Suite is absolutely stunning and includes shower and huge bathtub, as well as a separate water closet and huge bright windows that bring this space to life.

View The Winchester on our Website


The Dakota - "The College Home"

Two-Storey  | 3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1349 SQ. FT.

 We are very excited to present our College Home for 2014. Each year, two builders are asked to build a home that when sold, all proceeds from the sale are donated to Trades and Technology renewal and Innovation Project (TTRIP) at Lethbridge College.

This home is currently FOR SALE! Please come out and visit the home, spread the word and help us find the perfect family for this amazing home! 


The Dakota is another one of our very popular two storey floorplans, complete with a bright open concept living area, feature wall with fireplace, island kitchen bar, corner pantry, double garage, and main floor two-piece bathroom. Upstairs is the master suite, complete with 3-piece bathroom and walk-in closet, and another two bedrooms and second bathroom. 


The downstairs remains undeveloped, but provides that extra space for finishing futher down the road and could include another living room, bedroom and bathroom. 

If you're looking for a beautiful contemporary home to start your life in, this could be the one! Not to mention that all the money generated from the sale of this home is going towards an amazing cause! Read more about the College Home Project Here.

View The Dakota on our Website

How To Get To BlackWolf:


BlackWolf is located in the New North area of Lethbridge. There are currently a few different ways to access our Community.

1. Take 28th Street North, Turn Left at BlackWolf Blvd N (You'll see a large billboard pointing the way)

2. Take 13th Street North. Turn Left at 26 Ave N, and then immediately keep right to continue on the 13th Street North extention. Turn right onto Uplands Blvd N, and follow all the way to BlackWolf (You'll see a large billboard on entering the BlackWolf Community)

3. Take Mayor Magrath North / 23rd St N up to 16th Ave N. Continue through the lights and turn right onto Kodiak Blvd N. Follow all the way to Lynx Road North and turn right. Continue North on Lynx Road N and turn left onto Blackwolf Blvd N. You will see signs guiding you to the show homes

Our Sales Office is located inside the garage of our Bayview Show Home at 18 BlackWolf Bay N. Our Show Home Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 3-7pm (4-8pm during Parade of Home Hours, and includes Friday as well)

Saturday & Sunday & Holidays: 1-5pm

To Make an Appointment or for more information about any of our BlackWolf homes, contact Shauna:


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It's Time Again for the Parade of Homes!

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Sep 10, 2014 10:06:16 AM


It's that time of year again! Time to enjoy the last of the nice weather and set off around Lethbridge to tour some of the most amazing homes you'll ever see! Avonlea Homes has a total of 7 Homes to Tour for this years Parade of Homes, including of of this years College Home Projects.

We've also got the Grand Opening of BlackWolf Phase3 -- the only community to offer homes next to the future 73 Acre North Regional Park! Our College Home is located here, along with two more stunning show homes to tour! 

We've also got a beautiful Braxton II model with some gorgeous coulee views over in Legacy Ridge. Our Edison show home down in SunRidge Landing to visit as well. And let's not forget our two Skye Show Suites over in West Highlands to see, if you've not had a chance to get out there yet! 

To help you in your travels for the next couple of weeks, we've put together a handy Show Home Map to get you around town with ease. Click on the image for the PDF version you can download, save and then print out to take with you!

Parade of Homes Locations Map:


Parade of Homes Dates & Times:

Parade of Homes starts this Saturday, September 13th and goes until September 28th. The Show Home hours during this time will be Monday - Friday from 4-8pm and Weekends from 1-5pm. Hopefully you have enough time to get out and see them all!


Parade of Homes Special Pricing:

Don't forget to check out our Limited Time Only Parade of Homes Special Pricing. We've dropped prices on 20 homes around Lethbridge in Paradise Canyon, Country Meadows, BlackWolf, Sunridge Landing and Garry Station --- only until September 28th! Click below to view all the homes available in the promotion:



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The Duplex: Which One is Right For Your Family?

Posted by Bronwyn Marie West on Sep 9, 2014 3:47:35 PM


Avonlea offers a few different choices when it comes to the  duplex model, making home ownership affordable for more people. Duplexes come in all shapes and sizes, and doesn't necessarily mean your home will be small in size. 

Two of our Avonlea Duplexes are multiple-award winning floorplans and are seen throughout Lethbridge in single-family form as well as in our award winning townhome complexes in Blackwolf.

If you are considering a Duplex as your next new home, take a look at our three current duplex designs so you can select the one that would be ideal for you and your family.



The Shelby

The Shelby duplex is currently being built in both BlackWolf and Country Meadows in 2014. The same floorplan won multiple awards in the form of townhomes during Phase 1 of the Blackwolf community. 

The beauty of buying a Shelby Duplex is that you get an entirely developed home with both upper and lower floors completely finished! Much more expensive single-family homes only have one floor developed, so with the duplex, you really get the bang for your buck.

Your upper floor combines living, dining and a great sized kitchen, and includes one bathroom and one bedroom. The lower level includes the master bedroom, a second bedroom, and a second bathroom as well as laundry facilities. Don't need the third bedroom downstairs? It's large enough to turn into a second family room!


Beat the Heat each summer by living in your Shelby Duplex. The soaring vaulted ceilings allow hotter air to rise up to the ceiling, allowing cooler air closer to the floor. Sleeping in the lower level of the Shelby will also keep you a lot cooler in the summer. 

View the entire floorplan for the Shelby below:


View Current Shelby Duplex Homes Available from Avonlea




The Capri 3

New for 2014, the Capri is another duplex model, but with a little more leg room than the Shelby, and is currently being built in Country Meadows. The Capri also has a split level design, making this floorplan really unique. Enjoy the added convenience of a front-door closet right as you enter the home. You are then greeted by a much larger living room, and a wrap around kitchen with a unique shape and a little bit more counter space. Your dining nook is also bigger to accommodate a larger family.

Heading towards the back of the home, you'll go up some stairs, which are bright and open thanks to the large skylight above. At the back is the master bedroom with large walk-in closet, as well as a second bedroom and the shared bathroom.

The lower level holds a huge and already developed family room -- making this home ideal for a larger family, so everyone can be in their own space (and watch their own shows on tv too!). The lower space can be further developed to accommodate a third bedroom and another bathroom as well -- the laundry is also located on the lower level.


View Current Capri Duplex Homes Available from Avonlea




The Yorkton

Here at Avonlea Homes we're really excited to see this new duplex be built this year! Currently being built in BlackWolf along the main boulevard, the Yorkton has proven to be a dynamite floorplan in both single-family style and as part of a townhome complex. This two-storey floorplan features 2.5 bathrooms developed already, and 2 or 3 bedrooms as well --- all without the lowest level being developed (Which could add another bathroom, bedroom and family room)


An extended front stoop allows for seating on the front verandah, and the traditional and classic elevation of this home looks perfect in any neigbourhood. On entry you're greeted with a well sized living room, dining nook, and kitchen with island and pantry! Also on the main level is a 2-piece bath, and second closet leading to the rear entry of the home.

Upstairs you'll find two or three bedrooms, depending on the model. With the two bedroom option, you'll have an en-suite for one bedroom, but walk in closets for both! If you'd prefer three bedrooms, the walk-in closets get sacrificed for regular ones. 


View Current Yorkton Duplex Homes Available from Avonlea

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